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Pure electric car

Pure electric car

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2017/05/17 17:01:37
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Pure electric car
Pure electric car battery pack 20kwh charge can be renewed 150 km, the maximum speed of 100km / h.
Pure electric sanitation car
Pure electric sanitation car maximum speed greater than 50km / h, a maximum charge mileage of 150 km, the battery rated capacity 120Ah, the total battery energy 17.28kwh.
Pure electric miniature truck
Pure electric mini-truck a maximum charge mileage: no load 190 km, full load (750kg) 160 km, the total battery energy is 20kwh, charging time: 4-5 hours, 100 km energy consumption of about 16 degrees.
Pure electric van
Pure electric mini-van a charge maximum mileage: no load 190 km, full load (750kg) 160 km, the total battery energy is 20kwh, charging time: 6 hours, 100 km power consumption of 10 degrees.
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