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Address: 889 North Yishou Road, Rugao , Jiangsu Province, China



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Long powers RuGao City Co.,Ltd is a sino-us joint venture high-tech enterprise, specializing in advanced high power and high performance of lithium ion battery materials and related products research and development, production and sales
Long powers has applied in the pure electric vehicles at the same time the rapid charging both high range of power battery technology, and applied in large-scale energy storage of long cycle life both low-cost energy storage battery technology of high-tech companies
The company's core competitive advantage is to have from raw material to the battery to the battery application complete industrial chain of technical resources. to ensure that we can provide better products and energy solutions, battery product therefore has higher energy density, good circulation ratio performance. more wide working temperature range, longer service life, greatly reduce the cost at the same time
We are committed to providing you with professional, reliable, excellent power and energy solutions.
The company is based in the city of suzhou industrial park, an economic center of the city. We sincerely hope to join hands with our new and old customers to create brilliance